The Right Food for the Right Sleep


It is never enough to know the proper practices that will keep us asleep during the night. Do you know that the food we eat before we go to sleep also affects our sleeping habits? Know the right food to consume for that right and restful sleep!

Getting a Good Night Sleep

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to help rejuvenate your body, de-stress your system, regain your strength, and clear your thoughts. Getting that eight hours of sleep, however, may be virtually impossible for those afflicted with insomnia and irregular sleep patterns.

Wait, do not pop that pill just yet! Eating the right kind of food and getting proper nutrition before bedtime may just help you get that nice and cozy slumber your body requires.


Carbohydrates, when taken two to three hours before bedtime, can help ensure a restful sleep. For example, a filling dinner of rice, pasta dish, a slice of butter-coated bread, or cake will help send you off to a deep relaxing snooze.


Drinking a cup of chamomile tea is also a good way to relax. This will help soothe and slow down your system, preparing you for that much needed sleep. Of course, the old well-known technique of drinking a warm glass of milk sweetened slightly with honey is a tried and tested antidote for sleepless nights.

What to Avoid

While taking in the right kind of food before bedtime effectively contributes to a sound sleep, avoiding the wrong kinds of food is important just as much.

Inappropriately dubbed as a nightcap, alcohol will not give you a good night’s sleep; much less prepare you for the day ahead. Introducing toxins in our system will only keep our body busy for hours trying to flush it out, thus leaving us exhausted during the night. And who could forget the fact that an excessive intake of alcohol can only leave us with a hangover the following day?

Moreover, wait until morning before getting that perk with coffee. Drinking coffee, as well as smoking, which is another stimulant, will likely cause restive and broken sleep that will disturb your sleep pattern.

An apple will not put you to sleep either. This is a misconception that children have been taught in fairy tales. The truth is, apples and apple juice can keep us alert and awake for longer periods of time.

Give your body the sleep it requires to heal and revive. This treat need not be difficult or stressful. It is just a matter of taking in the right amount of the right kind of food.